Veterinary Technicians

A Licensed Veterinary Technician (commonly refered to as an LVT or Vet Tech) is most comparible to a nurse in the human medical field. They are graduates of an American Veterinary Medical Assocation (AVMA) credentialed program, obtaining at minimum an Associates Degree in Applied Science, and are licensed by the State of Virginia to practice as a veterinary technician. An LVT has the knowledge and ability to perform any task except: make a diagnosis, make a prognosis, perform surgery and prescribe medication.

At Pine Meadow Veterinary Hospital, we utilize our Veterinary Technicians to the highest of thier ability. Our Vet Techs induce and monitor anesthesia, perform dental prophylaxis and extractions, place urinary and intravenous catheters, maintain care for our hospitalized animals, take radiographs, and perform a number of microscopic interpretations in the form of urinalysis, cytology, and fecals. These are just some of our LVTs daily duties.