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Canine Wellness

You know how people are supposed to see their doctor every year or so, just for a general checkup to ensure all is well? Dogs need similar care, at least once a year if not more often. Wellness exams for dogs are thorough and give you a better idea of your pet’s overall health. The exams give you and the veterinarian a chance to catch problems when they are still small and more manageable. Whether you go to a clinic or a veterinary hospital, your pet should have a thorough exam each year. Pine Meadow Veterinary Hospital in Yorktown can help.

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What Do These Exams Cover?

A wellness exam for a dog should include not only a physical exam of every body part, but also tests for blood, urine, and more. If the animal needs any vaccines, this is the time to get them; the animal may need dental care like a tooth cleaning done as well. By the way, do not wait until the pet's next wellness exam to discuss minor problems the pet seems to be having; the sooner you have those minor problems diagnosed, the easier they will be to fix.

Some tests done during a wellness exam are dependent on other results. For example, if your dog seems to be having metabolic problems, the vet may decide to do a thyroid test for the pet. Older pets and those with existing health issues may need more frequent wellness exams given the changeable state of their health.

It's not a good idea to assume that because your pet seems healthy and happy, it must actually be healthy and happy. Many pet health problems don't show visible symptoms that a non-veterinarian could identify until the conditions are advanced. Remember, the purpose of a wellness exam is to seek out those strange little issues and take care of them as quickly as possible.

Give Your Dog a Shot at a Long, Healthy Life

You can contact Pine Meadow Veterinary Hospital for an appointment for a wellness exam for your dog if the animal hasn't had one in over a year. You can reach us at 757-599-3326 if you're in the Yorktown, Newport News, or Hampton areas. Your dog deserves the best care, and we know you want many happy years with your pet. A wellness exam is the first step toward keeping your dog in great shape.


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