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Veterinary Services

Your pet may require a number of veterinary services at various points in life. Whether it is preventive care, care for an unexpected accident, or managing a chronic illness, our veterinarians has the training to administer the appropriate care for your pet. At Pine Meadow Veterinary Hospital in Yorktown, serving Yorktown, Newport News, and Hampton, we provide a variety of veterinary services to help pets be at their best throughout their life.

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Wellness Exams

Regular veterinary exams for your pet can serve the same purpose as your own annual physicals. Wellness exams help our veterinarians detect any problems in your pet, whether your pet is sick with a cold or has a health condition. Also, it helps finding diseases in the early stages. Yearly exams are beneficial in keeping your pet healthy.

Preventative Care

Preventative care is also important in keeping your pet in his or her best health. We provide vaccinations, heartworm medications, blood screenings, and flea and tick control measures.

Dental Care

Good dental care can help your pet’s overall health. To ensure that your pet has good oral health, we provide teeth cleaning, teeth extractions, and gum disease treatment.


In the case that your pet will need surgery care, our animal hospital offer general surgery and spay and neuter surgery.

Laser Therapy

Laser therapy uses a low frequency of laser light to reach deep within tissues to relieve pain and improve healing. Our veterinarians may recommend laser therapy after surgery or to help with arthritis symptoms.

Massage Therapy

Massage brings natural healing to the affected areas of the body and can help reduce stress and pain. Usually, massage therapy is used after your pet had surgery or as a form of rehabilitation. Our veterinary team can let you know whether this form of treatment is best for your pet.

Senior Pet Care

Senior pets needs particular care to ensure that they are receiving proper nutrition and are free of parasites and diseases. We can help you make sure that your pet has a happy and comfortable life throughout the years. We can also provide end-of-life care and grief counseling, when the time comes.

Pet Identification

In the case that your pet is lost, pet identification can help bring your pet back to you once your pet has been found. Ask our veterinary team for more information about our pet identification services.

Boarding and Daycare

Are you worried about leaving your pet all alone at home? At our animal hospital, our veterinary team can take care of your pet while you are away from home and they will give your pet love and care that he or she needs.

Pet Supplies

Can’t find the right supplies for your pet? We carry a variety of pet supplies to keep your pet happy and healthy.

Make Pine Meadow Veterinary Hospital Your Veterinarian in Yorktown

The veterinarians and staff at Pine Meadow Veterinary Hospital care about animals as much as you do. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality care for our patients in Yorktown, Hampton, Newport News, and nearby communities. Whether your pet needs emergency care, preventative care, or other services, our animal hospital has it all. Call Pine Meadow Veterinary Hospital at 757-599-3326 to learn more about our veterinary services we have to offer.


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